Finally I have settled down a little after christmas, new year and school starting.


was really nice. We had a lot of snow so this time it really felt like a 'real' cristmas. I heard that I got a pretty scarf from SUE, but my mom has not come around to actually give it to me yet. The thing I love about christmas is, besides from all the food, is just haning around with family and friends for a couple of day. Without the school/work stress that usually interferes.

New Years

Seb and I hang out with about 10 people. Some are Sebs friends from 7th grade.
One of the guys got a girlfriend, Linda, and they have been togheter now from 7 years. Lindas best friend was in the same class as Seb.
A few boy-/girlfriends later we are a solid crew that play boardgames every sunday night after the volleyball games.

So for new years eve all of us had dinner at my and Sebs apartment. Delicious food, a very amuseing music game and some dancing. We walked out to watch the fireworks, there is a nice look out point close to were we live. Then we walked back to have dessert and a few of my volleyball friends came along. It was a very nice evening and I am so grateful to have nice, calm friends that didn't tear up my apartment during the night.

The day after we had some people over who helped us clean. We made our own pizza and played 'the mexican train game' the reat of the day.


It's a crazy school schedule now. I only have two more weeks to go! After that I have a 8 weeks of project work, and then 10 weeks of internship. After that it's graduation time! (and I have to grow up and try to get a job during the economic crisis, bad timing...)

It has its ups and downs right now. We lost a tight 5 set game last week. A game we 'had' to win. But for this weekends away game against Svedala our new american, Ashlee Fisher is ready to go. She went to Marquette, and is from Wisconsin! We really needed a hard hitting leftside, so I hope that she can live up to the expectations. For me I have been playing good, but not getting that much playing time. Well, probably more than anybody thought, but I always think it's to little!

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Sue sa...

Hi Em, so happy to see an update from you! It's nice to hear about bits of your life when I'm so far away.