I had a lovley birthday.

First I had a nice breakfast with family and friends.

Then some shopping at the Boomerang sale. Where I found a really nice cardigan, priced down from 1999:- to 500:-. The zipper "hook" was missing so I got it for 100:-. Mom would have been proud!

Practise 16-20. Wonderful spagetti and köttfärssås for dinner and a Make-your-own-icecream-sundae with cookie dough, rasberries, homemade chocolate sauce, bananas, meringue and thoose rolled up chocolat sticks. Delicious!

Saturday we played against Lindesberg and it was a really important game for us to win. And we finally did after 2 1/2 hours of playing! I played consistent and did I tell you that we won?!

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Sue sa...

So glad you enjoyed your birthday. And that you won your big game!