Sitting here at HH waiting for lunch. This first week has been so much fun, but a lot of hard work to start things of. Not only do I have to remember everybodys names I also got two projects going. One packaging 'line' for mens, womens, and kids baselayer, and I'm also responsible for a ready to sell display for beanies, socks, and mittens. A lot of meetings trying to please everybody from sales, designers and marketing. I have to take a lot of own initiative and have a lot of responsibility. But I'm really enjoying myself! Luckily I don't have any friends here yet... But tonight I have my fist volleyball practice with the Koll team. And I'm really excited for that, it will be good to get up and moving after two weeks of rest.  

This weekend we were up at Beitostølen were Eva and Gisle have a nice little cabin from the 50's. Eva, Maia (the dog) and I too a 2 hour ski up in the mountains. The weather kept on shifting, it was sunny then snowing, then sunny, then raining. It felt so good to breath in all that fresh air, but I was completely out of it all night. We also went to a after ski and drank beer. I got to borrow traditional norwegian after ski wear which was leather knickers. I thought I looked like a dork, but eva insisted that everybody weares them. When we got to the place I didn't se ANYBODY wearing them! Especially not kids my ages, it was the usual jeans and hoodie thing there. But I had fun and tried to follow the conversation.

It is hard to understand norwegian some times, especially because they just assume I understand everything since I'm swedish. Some accents are impossible. I'll give it another week then I'm switching to english. 

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Sue sa...

Wow, they're making you do real work! Good experience.