Monday again. This previous week has been intense here at the headquarters. Everybody was getting ready for the big sales meeting in Strømstad, so if I tried to ask about something I just got a hand whiff and a 'don't have time now, next week, i just have to answer this call' and so on. Today the office is empty, just me and a few more people. Silence. 

Tomorrow I'm going down to Strømstad to see the big fashion show. I'm very excited, even though a lot of people have said not to have to much expectations, since it's a sales fashion show for HH only. Not a big runway show. But I'm still very excited to see the Winter11 collection. On wednesday I'm going to have a little talk to the sales people. It's important that they get a saying in this new packaging project in a early stage. I have a lot of ideas, Ida (the designer) has a lot of ideas and now we just have to add the sales peoples ideas to the pile. And then we are taking in focus groups. A lot of work lies a head.

This weekend I have strolled down in 'Byen' as they call it. Saturday was crazy, they had this huge market thing going on at one of the main shopping streets. All the stores had big sales and tents out front with special offers. I bought two body butters from The Body Shop for 200 Nkr! In Sweden they cost 200 Sek a piece, so I thought that was a pretty good deal. It was people everywhere grabbing everything they could get a hold on. Then they also had a inner city running race. It was a 800 m race, so it wasn't far, but there were so many people running it! And so many people cheering on. So I stopped and watched it for almost an hour. Then I went to a nice little coffee shop that was called 'People and Coffee', which had surf inspired decorating and the best chicken and hummus sandwich. I really like that they serve alcohol at the cafés here in oslo. It looks nice to sit and have a glass of wine with your food in a homey environment. Maybe I should start a nice café/bar, I know that they've discussed it in Sweden. Now you can only serve alcohol if you have warm food I think. In my café/bar there's going to be boardgames to borrow, a little library section, Kate Melua songs coming out from the speakers and the best homemade baked goods. Only 5 different salads and say 8 different sandwich options on the menu.

Anyhow, like I said to my mom, I have found out know after two weeks that I love this environment at HH. I like the outdoor clothing business and would love to continue working in this business. I don't know if packaging is the only thing I want t o work with. I'm getting more and more interested in the hole development part, the design process that has to work with all the different materials and textiles, and then finally production. I also really enjoy the marketing part, we had some courses at school that I found very interesting, but now in the product area of my intreats it has taken me by storm. I think I still want to work with product development though. Right now I just don't know if I have to study something more, or if there is some job out there for me with the education I've got so far. I would love a assistant job to start, and then work my way up. 

Anyway... My weekend. Sunday I took a long walk with Maia, the dog. It was really warm in the sun, but as soon as the sun disappeared it was pretty cold. Then I took 'trikken in the byen' and had coffee at a nice bakery on Aker Brygge. I had a cappuccino, a almond croissant and the latest Elle magazine.
AND I forgot to tell you about friday. We went on a after work, not at all common in Norway. It was this really cool bar with maps on the walls and people in every age. You brought your own food and bought drinks there. I had spicy tuna maki rolls (sushi) that were delicious and some beer imported from Prague in a cool bottle (yes, a bit of a packaging nerd). I had a very good time and I think it was good to see and talk to some of my work colleagues out of work.

I think I covered it all. 

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Sue sa...

Sounds like you're doing a lot of exploring, both of Oslo and of work possibilities. What a great opportunity. Hope the fashion show was interesting and fun. Kram