Måndag 19 oktober

Yesterday we had our first real game of the season. The opponent was Gislaved and we finally won (3-2)! It was the first game I ever started in the elitserie so I was pretty excited. I made some poor decisions, but over all played a good game. I am learning from every play.

This week I don't have any classes since my program is in Gothenburg to be at some fair. But since I have practise I get to stay home, and it is very nice to have some free time. So today I have just been reading and drawing. And tomorrow I am going to be a good girl cleaning and getting some laundry done. Then mom and I are going to IKEA and Barkaby to get some pretime christmas shopping, eat meatballs and talk.

Now it's time for lunch and then I'm going home to vaxmora to have coffee with my mom and hopefully order some clothes before practise tonight!

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