Yesterday I met up with Kari Turner, my second cousin, and we had some coffee and chated for an hour or so. Before I was starving and had to get home for dinner. Norway is so expensive so its not like you can just grab a snack.. Anyway it was really nice to see her and hear about her Oslo experiences and adventures.

Today I went to Moss after lunch to visit Ellen, who is a Art Director at Tikktakk. She has worked with HH since 1995 and even sat Inhouse for 10 years! So she has got a lot of experience and I was thrilled that she invited me over for the afternoon. Tikktakk is located in Moss which is south of Oslo and they have their office in the coolest buildning. Very modern with windows everywhere and high celings. Ellen also had her dog at the office whom I fell in love with. It was a 2 year old Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, you always wanted one of those right mom? She was really intense and almost crazy, rolling around on the floor just to get some attention! I couldn't stop laughing! We got some work done to... I made prototypes of a new HH package that I can't tell you more about because it's a secret! But I can tell you it's starting to look pretty good. Now I just have to convince marketing to go for my suggestion.

And today the people living in Oslo have recoverd from the snowstorm that chocked everyone yesterday. Itwas nice +16 C outside and sunny, so all the cafés with outdoor seating where packed with pale norwegians trying to get some vitamin D.

Tomorrows schedule;
7.00 Wake up, eat breakfast
8.00 Get a ride to the office with Gisle
10.30 Meeting 1 (about packaing)
11.30 Lunch
13.00 Meeting 2 (about information/labels/etc to put on packaging)
17.00 Meeting 3 (about Ready to sell display for winter11)
18.00 Hopefully on my way home
19.00 Dinner
20.00 Running for 30 min (unless unexpected snowstorm)
21.30 Paradise Hotel (my way of learning norwegian...)
22.45 Bedtime

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Anonym sa...

Busy busy.... but we want more pictures! Of Oslo, whee you live and where you work.

Emi sa...

I don't have a camera.. And my cellphone cord is in stockholm..