The swedish word "fika" is one of the best words.
The best fika we get when we're on the road for away games. We stop at a place called Dinners were we have food, usually pasta. Then we get this amazing snack package with a smoothie, coffee in the nicest pink cups, a fantastic sandwich and a fruit. Thanks Dinners!

This pic is from my first Starbucks fika in Sweden. Starbucks opened there first cafe at Arlanda the week before my Oslo trip. So I orderd a tall Carmel Macchiato. Luckely for me the girl that makes the coffee misheard the lady at the cash register so I got the biggest size. It's been a bit of a debate about Starbucks here in Sweden about the high priceing. A tall Macchiato was 36 SEK. I think that that is a fairly normal price, since both Waynes Coffee and Espresso House (the two big swedish coffee chains) take 30 + SEK for their coffee. Anyhow, it was delicious.

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Sue sa...

The first Starbucks in Sweden is at Arlanda? I guess that's where your mom will be spending her extra cash!

Anonym sa...

ha! I haven't even been there yet!!