6 September.

Yesterday we had practise from 10-11.30 and then from 13-15. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the girls all day and get some more volleyball in. Later in the evening Emma and Albin had a party at their place. Some wine, talk and 6 hours later I could walk just a cross the street to get home. Very nice to have friends that close by. Today I won't be able to do anything but study. It's almost raining and there's not any good TV shows on until tonight so I will be fine. It's just hard to focus when the subject is Logistics. Not very fun or intresting at all.

2 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

Sounds like a fun dinner party.

Ann sa...

Nice to see that you are blogging again! Maybe I will get going too, I see it was 5 weeks ago.