17 september

Some very small pictures of me and my team. We have so much fun. This weekend we went down to Katrineholm and played two games. The first against Katrineholm we won 3-0. The second against Norsjö we won 3-1. Undefeted this season!

And this election thing is hard to figure out. I have to apply for a social security number at the embassy, mon-fri 9-11. I go to school from 9-16 everyday, so I have no idea how to get it all together.

I enjoy going to school again. After four weeks of business classes, we finally have started some creative classes. This week we started a class called DigitalGraphics.

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Sue sa...

Those really are small pictures! Are your images that small or are you checking the small box when you upload them to Blogger? Glad to hear the team's doing well, and you're enjoying school. Love.