Sunday, at work.

Yes, we have moved in to the apartment. We don't have internet yet, so I will put in pictures later. All the clothes are in the closet, so it's just all the boxes with books, photos, cds, and some junk thats left. The bathroom turned out great! But the firdge and freezer that we orders won't come until week 21. So we had to buy a firdge off "blocket" for 50 kronor. It was cheep enough for us. :-)
Pictures will be up soon, I promise!

3 kommentarer:

Sue sa...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures and what you've done. Hope you're very, very happy there.
You might like to look around this blog: redhousedesign.blogspot.com

feliciaaaaa sa...

ni e dåliga på att uppdatera eran blogg hörrni!! ;)
skärpning, sebbe och emily!

Anonym sa...

I agree Feilica! Come on you guys, there are fans waiting to see how the place looks. So pick up your clothes and take pictures!!!!