Small steps forward

We, or should I say Seb, have cleaned out most of the wall pieces that were on the floor. It was really dusty, well it still is. Today we went to Hyreshuset and rented a “flex slip”. I have no idea what it’s called in English. We have sanded most of the walls in the living room and hall. Today we also finished the second bedroom, Morgondis. It’s practical to name the rooms after the color that they’re painted in, since they’re so many rooms! Tomorrow we are going to sand the walls some more and paint in Soft Green again.

It has been snowing so much these last couple of days. Since Thursday morning the ground has been layered with a thick (1/2 dm…) coat of snow. During the day it’s been snowing for a minute and then the sun has been shining and it has felt like spring. April weather they call it.
So here's the view from the balcony.

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